[feature request] Language-based images

  • #1, by gustyMonday, 02. February 2015, 10:45 9 years ago
    Just a little idea that would accelerate and sweeten the workflow. It would be similar option we already have with dialogs - you can type two different texts into two language fields. Same would be with images so I could upload one image for english version and I could upload different image for spanish version. Quick, nice and clean. Although, the majority of images would be only one version/image, this feature would be very very cool in regards of ingame letters, shop signs, maybe even menu buttons. Just sayin', this would be very beautiful to have in VS..

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  • #2, by BigStansTuesday, 03. February 2015, 00:34 9 years ago
    Just an usability issue… (from us)
    Name your language: spanish and you see an language flag smile
    Or did you mean an language chooser in game?

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  • #3, by afrlmeTuesday, 03. February 2015, 00:59 9 years ago
    He means like how you can set condition to the properties tab of an object to determine if object should be hidden (inactive) or visible (active).

    I do think this sounds like a nice idea. Also someone else mentioned the other day about adding a value query to the properties tab too. I think being able to define the state of an object based on condition or value or language, would be a pretty nice feature.


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  • #4, by gustyTuesday, 03. February 2015, 09:31 9 years ago
    BigStans: Yes I meant you have location/background where is a shop with its sign saying OPEN. So I would make just one object (polygonal area) and in browsing/uploading options I would have two fields now - so I would upload one image of shop sign for english version and one image for spanish version. I wouldn't have to make two individual objects and I wouldn't have to set the conditionds of visibility like AFRLme said. Just one object, two images based on language, automatically connected via conditions to current language - just like dialog texts are now.

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