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Vote for Wing Commander Saga

Not an adventure, but let Indie Developers help other Indie Developers.

Wing Commander Saga, is much more than a simple fan remake. It is a polished, feature-heavy, brilliantly designed game, that looks like an commercial game. The game comes with 50 missions, 2 campaigns, 60 voice actors, dozens of Terran and Kilrathi spaceships and roughly 70 cutscenes. And some massive battles involving proper fleets. Let's give them a chance and vote on the indie DB.


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  • talha-mughal
    6 years ago
    This is sounding pretty interesting for those people who are also supporter of commander and want to see his victory. Reviews are easy to read from here for everyone.
  • afrlme
    12 years ago
    wing commander was one of the first games I ever owned for PC smile

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