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Visionaire Studio - Mac-Port and new programmer

The Visionaire Team is making big steps forward. With David Stoffel a new programmer joined the team. Currently he is working day and night on the finishing of the macintosh port. Attached you find some screenshots of the demogame, running on an old Powerbook G4 17" 1,5 Ghz (Leopard und Snow Leopard - 64 Bit). It seems like we can finish the work on it pretty soon. 


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  • Baarden
    13 years ago
    I'm not intending to be rude here, but do you actually have any idea when this'll come out? It's just that it's been almost two years since this article was posted, and back then you stated: "It seems like we can finish the work on it pretty soon."
  • analog-limb
    14 years ago
    Really looking forward to this!
  • BigStans
    14 years ago

    first we are porting just the runtime (or better the player) for MAC OS. Then we are porting the Visionaire Studio smile
  • tomeglenn
    14 years ago
    This is fantastic news! My team and I have recently started using Visionaire studio for our latest project, and 2 of us are avid Mac users (But are obviously using Windows for development).

    Is the port just for the Visionaire runtime, or will the entire Visionaire Studio software be ported across to Mac?
  • Glenfx
    15 years ago
    This is really cool news. Although im not a mac user, its really great to reach more people.

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