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Visionaire Studio 5 Final released

Visionaire Studio 5 is now available. Get your license today if you don't already have it and and start developing. We wish you the very best for your adventure game projects.

  1. iOS export, but you need to sign yourself with tools like this: https://github.com/xndrs/XReSign
  2. Plugin support, We already uploaded two plugins to the online repo, you can install with the cog on the right side. Plugins can add custom action parts.
  3. High-dpi support (Windows-only, Mac users need to wait til I've assembled my 4k Mac)
  4. More info about lua errors in console
  5. Outline fonts can now be independently colored
  6. Drag and drop support for ordering objects and action parts
  7. Filter for object lists
  8. Filter for object selection dialog
  9. Import speech dialog fixed
  10. Add add/remove item to list context menu
  11. Allow searching for sprite paths
  12. Audio effects (the audio system is still not completely finished, so no docs yet)
  13. Fix for crash with F5
  14. Cursor animations are now on top of each other
  15. Export with resizing is now working even better
  16. Fix for lightmap calculation error
  17. 3D characters can now turn with keyboard controls
  1. Allow adding scrollpanes to buttons
  2. Allow adding buttons at runtime via create/duplicate
  3. Add renderhook for objects and buttons
  4. Add multiple texts to scrollpane and add option to always show the scrollbar
  5. Add action part hook
  6. Duplicate to other parents

More updates, functions, manuals and tutorials to come ... 


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  • dionous
    6 years ago
    haha, indeed, amazing spam!
  • afrlme
    6 years ago
    nice crafty ninja spam from the previous 2 message posters. grin
  • sebastian
    6 years ago
    @battlefox : i have no issues with starting. Sounds like a graphic problems in some kind (opengl related or something like that).
  • marvel
    6 years ago
    @battlefox: As there are thousands of different systems (Operating systems, Hardware components, etc.) Bugs can happen. This can even happen if you install a brandnew software from big companies like microsoft or adobe. But anyways - we are fixing all the problems that we find as soon as possible. smile
  • battlefox
    6 years ago
    Why do you release this as final when it's so buggy that it didn't even start? I an only start this once, if I start a second time, all menu items turn black. If I click on Options it craches too.
  • TinTin
    6 years ago
    Congrats and thanks VS team for your hard works
  • afrlme
    7 years ago
    Just face it the other way around or have the 5 on the right hand side
  • afrlme
    7 years ago
    haha, I'm just busting balls mate. wink
  • marvel
    7 years ago
    @Lee: It was just a first quick try to find an innovative design for that fake package wink
  • afrlme
    7 years ago
    With a back to front 5? Looks more like a bloody 2.
  • sebastian
    7 years ago
    Time to update all your website images then wink

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