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Visionaire Studio 5 BETA - Released!

We just released a BETA version of the brandnew Visionaire Studio 5 Game Engine. The beta is fully functioning without the exporting feature and Windows-only (for now). Beta means, there will probably be bugs, we didn't find yet. And also we are reaching out for your feedback.


The beta can be installed alongside with version 4.2.5.
Once you save your ved with the new version, you will not be able to load it in 4.2.5

The new editor works on top of DirectX 11 and requires feature level 10 (will complain about that in this case). If it doesn't work you can try DX9 or OpenGL with the command line (-dev gl / -dev dx9).

XP is not supported by the editor.

Old particles are not updated by the new editor and cannot be used. So keep an update if you want to recreate them.

The editor will autoupload crash dumps to our server, you have been informed and accepted this by downloading the beta.

The menus are currently not staying open, so keep the finger on the button.

New functions:
  • New editor 
  • Debugger (press F5) 
  • Profiler 
  • New particle systems 

New functions for lua:
  • Drawing functions for lua 
  • Joystick names 
  • Render hook 
  • In-scene-videos 
  • Text effects 
  • Masking 
  • Object fields id and tableId 
  • box2D (pretty much unfinished) 

For the lua functions we will add scripts and an updated shaderscript later.

You find the Download in the official Download Area of this page!


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  • federico kenneth bicocchi
    hi. i run on a windows 10 with directx 12 but when i start the software it gives me only a black screen and doesn't start.
    I've downloades the previous version and works great.
    Is there a way i can fix the 5? Thank you.
  • lorenzogasperoni
    7 years ago
    Great! Thank You you! Are you still working on this version?
    I believe that you should abandon Germania and use only english for anything.

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