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Visionaire Studio 3.5 - Finally Released

Dear Adventure Game Friends,
finally we released a new version (3.5) of "Visionaire Studio". Check out the release notes, you find attached to this article. Have fun with the new version and all the best for your adventure game projects.

  • Added support for kerning (defined space between certain character pairs of a font).
  • Added new action types 'at beginning of scene' and 'at end of scene' for scene actions.
  • The cutting rect for images was removed due to performance and implementation reasons. Images will only be used as a whole and must be adjusted if necessary.
  • The image size is no longer stored in the .ved file. This has the advantage that it is not necessary to reload the image in the editor if the size has changed.
  • Improved performance for image loading.
  • Fixed problems for video playback which could lead to memory management problems and crashes.
  • Rewrote implementation for preloading of animations. Previously there were memory management problems which could lead to crashes in large games.
  • Fixed crash when loading savegames: this crash only occured if an animation was preloaded and not unloaded before the next change to another scene.
  • Global Lua variables (tables) will not be stored in savegames if they contain a field called '_temporary_'. Fixed crash when saving game with a lua table with a cyclic reference.
  • Fixed bug which could lead to a crash if the scene was changed while an item was dragged.
  • Fixed transparency bug: images with transparent color are shown correctly again.
  • Fixed bug with widescreen support which could cause problems on some systems.
  • Fixed bug in editor which could lead to a crash when Undo was called while an object area was currently edited.
  • Fixed bugs with text import of .csv files: file can now contain a byte-order-marker, empty fields are imported correctly, correct import of translation language and last column, texts with escaped characters are now imported correctly.
  • Added text context (name of parent objects) to exported texts in .po file as comments.
  • Text speed is now considered for <pt> pause tags in texts.
  • Fixed interpretation of text speed in 'Set text speed' action part. 200% means that the text is faster, i.e. it is shown for a shorter time while 50% means that the text is slower and shown longer.
  • Text speed for 100% was increased because the speed was interpreted way too slow and texts were shown too long.
  • If a text contains no pause tag at the end then the pause will be added automatically. If the text has a speech file then the text will be shown until the speech output is finished. If no speech file is played then the length of the pause is calculated automatically from the text length.
  • If a scene object contains an action then actions of an active item with 'immediate execution' will not be executed. The character will be sent to the object instead to execute the action of the scene object.
  • Fixed setting scene for character through scripting with field VCharacterScene. If the character was on another scene and was set to the current scene it was not shown.
  • when 'Align character on immediate execution' is checked, the character is now explicitly stopped before aligning it. Before it could happen that the character was still walking but the wrong walk animations (e.g. opposite direction) was shown.
  • The field VGameActionTextFont is now also stored in savegames.
  • Fixed bug which could lead to active actions not being executed after loading a savegame.
  • If a trace is activated in the console ('SET TRACE ACTION|ANIMATION ON') then the log messages about actions/animations are now shown in the log.
  • Setting application icon which is shown in window and task manager.
  • When building a game a file report.txt will be created which lists all files for each container.
  • Fixed building game: files used in dialog actions are now added to the container. Also speech files of object texts will be included.
  • added command line parameter -uld (-uselocaldir) with values true|false to be able to store savegames (and log file etc.) to the special folder CSIDL_APPDATA_FOLDERID_RoamingAppData (The file system directory that serves as a common repository for application-specific data), instead of the local user directory.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on rename button in editor while the label of an entry is currently edited.
  • Fixed bug in editor when a scene object is selected and the tab is changed to way systems. Previously the lower workspace was not updated correctly.
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    • Pyke
      13 years ago
      Yay. wink
    • marvel
      13 years ago
      The Licence is for 3.x smile
    • Pyke
      13 years ago
      The licence purchase is only for 3.0.....if I buy that, how does it work with the 3.5 download?
    • Pyke
      13 years ago
      Holy shiznit guys. This is awesome! STASIS thanks you! grin
    • marvel
      13 years ago
      Yes, it might be possible to release 3.6 with included 3D support for characters. smile
    • potocnik
      13 years ago
      What about support for 3D Characters? Will they be in the next release? thanks.
    • Alex
      13 years ago
      first the Mac version, then we will find out how difficult it is to port it to iOS. it would be great if an iPad version is possible.
    • onixer
      13 years ago
      Ok it is good news--Visionaire will be support only Mac? or Ipad too?
    • Alex
      13 years ago
      We are still working on it but it takes a little bit more time. So it's better to make a release now than to wait another couple of weeks until the mac version is ready...
    • onixer
      13 years ago
      Hmm, but what about promised support for mac and ipad????

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