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Visionaire for Mac

Dear Visionaire Studio users, today there is something new. The Visionaire Player for Mac is now released. With them you can publish your games for the mac.

After a long time, it is now finally done. smile Known Things: [list] [*] The player does have an new audioengine, which would also replaced in feature releases for windows too. We can not longer support mp3s, because the mpeg licence are very expensive. You need to convert all mp3's to .ogg (Ogg vorbis) files. After you have converted all files, you can simply search and relpace for it in the .VED file with notepad++ for example. [*] PANNING Sounds are supported only by mono sounds. This means, the soundfile does only have one one channel. Try editing with audacity. [*] Not all ogg files are working, this was an known libsndfile bug, but it would be fixed asasp. You can re-encode it, so solve the problem (if the ogg is not working) [*] In future versions, we integrate the current mac player in the editor. [*] It's not Gatekeeper signed, which means on ML (10.8) users must disable gatekeeper to start the player. [/list] Download Player: http://db.tt/XccScdtA Screencast (how to use): http://db.tt/xsXTXwoH - Minimum Requirement: OSX Lion (10.7)


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  • BigStans
    11 years ago
    Link was obsolete, because we release the Mac version @ 4.0 this year Q1 2014 smile
  • unreal
    11 years ago
    Broken download link, please fix it.
  • Subb
    12 years ago
    Great stuff!

    I wish you all a merry christmas.
  • afrlme
    12 years ago
    nice one (shame I don't own a mac) & haha!; seems I was just in time with my "recommended audio format & encoding tips" wiki page I posted earlier in regards to .ogg vorbis & audacity.

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