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Visionaire 3.6 released

Time has come to introduce version 3.6 of the adventure game engine "Visionaire Studio". We fixed major bugs, added several new functions and enhanced lua scripting. Take a look to the 24 changes and have fun. :)

  • Added lua command to register event handlers for 'animationStarted', 'animationStopped', 'textStarted' and 'textStopped' events.
  • Added lua command to register hook for 'setTextPosition' hook. With this hook it is possible to change the position of displayed texts in a lua function.
  • It is now possible to set the position of a character where actions on this character will be executed. If the position is not set then the current character will be sent directly to the other character, as before.
  • Fixed savegame bug for storing global lua variables. When saving again the variables were added to the Visionaire table and thus stored multiple times.
  • Fixed bug with image size when displaying object sprites in editor.
  • Fixed bug when item was picked up and dropped on a scene object and the character was stopped before reaching the object. In this case the picked up item could not be removed easily anymore.
  • Fixed possible crash in editor when selecting a scene area action.
  • Fixed bug with displaying savegame screenshot. The screenshots were sometimes not displayed correctly. Further if a savegame was removed and a new savegame was created instead of the old one, the screenshot of the old savegame was shown.
  • Fixed display bug when fading to new scene with 'fade to new scene' effect. Semi-transparent areas were not shown correctly.
  • Fixed bug when loading a savegame. Previously it could happen that already finished actions were started again when loading a savegame.
  • Correctly show action text next to dragged item.
  • Improved performance for writing ved-file.
  • Fixed possible crash when saving very large ved files (> 100MB).
  • Added support for unicode filenames in lua io.open function.
  • Added fields VGamePicBufferSize and VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize to set buffer size (in KB) for reserved memory at game startup. This buffer is used for loading images (VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize for all images of preloaded animations, VGamePicBufferSize for all other images) and should be large enough to hold the largest image (either an image of a preloaded animation or any other), otherwise memory must be allocated dynamically which can lead to memory fragmentation and crash the application. E.g. if the largest image of all preloaded animations is 1400x1200 and has an alpha channel then VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize must be set to a value >= 6563 (4 byte per pixel (red,green,blue and alpha channel), 1400 * 1200 * 4 = 6720000, divided by 1024 because unit is KB and not byte, 6720000 / 1024 = 6562.5).
  • Added field VGamePreloadPicThreads to set number of threads used for preloading animations. VGamePreloadPicThreads number of buffers with size of VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize will be preallocated.
  • Fixed bug in text translation editor: a text can now be translated for a language which was created after the text.
  • Fixed bug when loading savegame: the current language was not set correctly.
  • Fixed possible crash when displaying object texts.
  • Fixed bug when multiple characters were following another character (not all characters were following all the time).
  • Fixed selecting transparent color in load graphic dialog.
  • Correctly display grayscale png images.
  • Fixed access by object path ('getObject' lua command) for objects with a name only containing digits.
  • Fixed printing unicode strings (containing non ascii characters) with lua print function.
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    • Pyke
      13 years ago
      Excellent update guys! I had a list of small things I was gonna email you, but you pretty much stomped em all out. smile
      Any chance on the 3D support being added soon? Or at least some info on how it will work ( formats, how will animation be loaded, lighting, etc)?
      Just also wanna reiterate how much I completely adore this engine!
    • Glenfx
      13 years ago
      thank you guys, i had most of the listed bugs in my game.
    • onixer
      13 years ago
      disappointment .. support MAC-absent

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