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Too Big For This WorLD38

Three times a year, every year- for the last fifteen, Ludum Dare holds the world's largest game competition and jam. Thanks to Visionaire Studio, Ludum Dare 38 has more dinosaurs.

"Do a short subject" is the common recommendation for aspiring creators and for good reason.  

"Without proper structure or deadlines, the inventor can lose the blaze of motivation and enter into a smouldering state. Experimentation and friendly competitions can rekindle that fire, either by stoking the flames or by starting smaller fires and allowing them to fizzle out."
                                                                                                  -Hector LeMonde

Check out the latest TBFTW Ultra Tech Demo Championship Edition for Ludum Dare!  WARNING:  It's almost a GB download.  Peppered with bugs.  Enjoy!  wink

There are some amazing games this LD, and almost 3000.  

Thanks Visionaire- devs and community!


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  • joemid
    7 years ago
  • afrlme
    7 years ago
    You & the bloody dinosaurs mate! grin

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