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First trailer of the game.

Hello guys! First of all thanks for all the support received in these recent years in the Visionaire community. This project started slowly, while learning some basics of the programming, also some demanding choices of how to design characters and animations... the hardest part!

The style I had in mind for the game was sort of Broken Sword but with an old look platform
feel you can see in the first Monkey Island. Definitely also "The Cave" is been ispirational for the idea of some of the rooms. The interface is that one of Broken Sword, it decreases a lot the difficulty of the puzzles but yeah, very easy to program smile

So here you can see the game in the trailer...

I think it will need many months, maybe another year to be concluded, then also lot of beta testing and a decent english translation (or even adding another language, German or Spanish, dont' know). Anyway when I have material I'll post more...


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