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Hello everybody! Here you find all the latest news about the game in development.


I'm currently working at this project for about 1 year now, learning Visionaire time by time.
Even if the game is not bug free smile especially for the interaction/cutscene part (which I think it still need to be improved) it's completely playable.

I'm not going to release some demo at the moment, working for english translation and considering to get some advance testing at the end. I'll get in touch with some developers who already have made trough STEAM or other service for game distribution to see how I can
publish my game.

But I'm still in ALPHA... you can see all my progress so far in these little previews:

This is the official ALPHA demo video

This is the latest update (more than half game done so far)

Stay tuned for more content! I'll post for help because game saves work but still need to understand how config.ini works

The game is under BETA testing for a while now and major bugs and problems are gone!
THANKS for support! Hope you will like it!



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