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The Night of the Rabbit; The New Adventure from Daedalic arrives in May 2013

The new adventure game: "The night of the Rabbit" - originally titled: "The Rabbit's Apprentice" - from Daedalic Entertainment will arrive on the 29/05/2013 for the PC & Mac (I'm not sure if it's the German release only, or international) and will treat us - yet again - with beautiful hand drawn art with lush color tones & a gripping story; all in full HD graphics! Again, Visionaire Studio; like the majority of Daedalic Entertainment's award winning games - will be used for making their latest adventure game installment.

Here's the press release from Daedalic Entertainment on The Night of the Rabbit: (with rough translations - on my part) Our next game will be published under the title of "The Night of the Rabbit". So far, we have collected positive feedback in regards to the development of this title. The Night of the Rabbit; is the biggest adventure game we have created yet & it is occurring in the footsteps of our national & internationally acclaimed success; being our Deponia series - of which our Managing Director "Carsten Fichtelmann" says that the development team have outdone themselves yet again in creating another world & story that players can immerse & lose themselves inside of! The Night of the Rabbit will be available from the 29/05/2013 for PC & Mac.


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  • jenniferbrownz
    6 years ago
    I haven't yet finished this game but all I have to say is everything in it is magical. The story, the characters, the voice acting, the soundtrack and specially the drawings. Surely one of my favourite games ever!
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