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::STASIS:: A place where anything is possible, where scientists have free reign to perform experiments without that pesky moral compass. Without the need to worry about approval, lobbiests, or religious movmements explaining 'why' something shouldnt be done. This was the purpose of the research station Groomlake.
A hub of the greatest scientific minds of the known world. Human cloning, genetic engineering, bio-weapon research, super soldier programs, all with 100% backings from corporations and even some world governments. Nothing was beyond the relms of human possiblity on the Groomlake.

And then it vanished.


On an unused subspace frequency, Captain Maracheck, of The Hawking listens to space noise. Chatter. background interfearance from stars, occasioannly a radio transmission that gets caught up in the static. He is free floating in the Kuiper Belt, 'fishing' for satelites, debri from mining craft, anything worth something.
Marachecks ship, The Hawking, is a small craft, with most of that being engine compartments, fuel, oxygen gardens, and storage space. The living compartment is the size of a caravan, with a small cockpit control deck.
The cargo bay ,the largest area, has a basket ball hoop, and a miniature golf course drawn on the ground in paint-now faded from quite a few years of dragging cargo over it, or just playing. Through the cargo hold is a decon chamber, which leads to the airlock.

Through the chatter, he hears a clicking...a regular pattern. Resetting the reciever to hone in on the signal, he pilots his ship towards it...
Drifting past a huge collection of space dust, he sees a collosal ship. The engines are dead, and the ship is heavily damaged from bombardment by small, and some not so small objects in space. But it is definitely salvagable. Definitely worth quite a bit of money. Definately a good day for Maracheck!

The Hawking pulls up closer to the dead ship. The docking port seems undamaged, but obviously offline. The ship pilots itself along side the docking arms, and fires teathers across. The airlock opens, and Maracheck, in full salvage gear, floats across to the ship. It is almost completely black, except for the running lights from the Dortmunder, and the teather lights flickering on the unknown craft...

Using a cutting torch, he removes the protective panel covering the docking terminal, and attaches a control nodule to the craft. He tells The Hawking to interface with the computer, and opens the airlock...


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