17.01.2013 | General | Afrlme

Read & write to & from the Config.ini [LUA]

Anyone serious about creating commercial games or any whom just want to make their game as professional as possible should consider making it so their game can load already pre-configured (stored) game options on game launch! With my read & write to config.ini scripts; you can now achieve this quite easily!

I spent a few weeks coding this script; which is split into 2 parts: write to config.ini & load from config.ini! Currently the script creates a temporary file (config.ini.bak) when any settings in the options menu get edited & then deletes the original config.ini file & renames the temporary file (config.ini.bak) to config.ini. I may in the future work on this script some more to make it replace the relevant lines inside of the config.ini file with whichever setting in the options menu has been changed. For more LUA scripts, templates, resources, info & so much more, check out the sticky topics wiki page.


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