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"AEON: Evolution" - Help wanted for the english translations

Hi everybody, maybe some of you know "Daniel Carl"?! He is the man behind the Amateur Adventure Game "Captain Delta", released some years ago and done with the adventure game engine "Visionaire Studio". On december 6th he released a german demonstration of his new, upcoming game "AEON: Evolution", a space adventure game with hi resolution graphic, symphonic soundtrack, voice output and thrilling storyline. Daniel wants this demo to be translated to english - so he sent me the german game-texts to get this done. Please contact me if you can help out doing the translations.

Project Website:

"AEON:Evolution" is to be released in 2011.


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  • shawnkemp
    6 years ago
    There need aid a considerable measure from claiming beneficial assets here. I am certain i will visit this spot once more Concerning illustration quickly. I customized in your post; you have imparted useful insights Furthermore encounters. Keep it up.
  • marcel saiyan
    6 years ago
    Wo kann ich mir die fullversion kaufen? Where i can download the fullversion? I like this game! Ich mag das Spiel!

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