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OAK ISLAND wants your soul on kickstarter!

Oh wow... honestly... we're out of breath... totally out of words and extremely moved by your great support in the last 2 days and generally through this entire campaign on kickstarter. More than 790 supporters and even awarded developers support our game. JUST A SINGLE DAY REMAINS, but then the next journey will begin - the journey to, through and far beyond OAK ISLAND. Please support us in these final hours on kickstarter! Thank you so much!

And you know what: We could never achieve that without you! Really... all this is only possible with your fantastic support, your kindness in backing for the game, your shoutings, sharings, your comments and ideas. We say it and we mean it: You are sensational and great friends. Thank you! Now let us end-rock this thing and blast the mystical treasure box wide open! Please continue and intensify spreading the word in the last hours! Every single Dollar, every Euro counts! Every penny will be invested in the development to make this game outstanding.


Thank you very much for supporting the adventure game genre. The Oak Island Devs


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