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Myst Jam

There will be a Myst Game Jam in January.

Hi, I just discovered the MYST game jam, hosted by Sophie Houlden. I don't know if there are users of Visionaire Studio who create First Person Adventure games just like I do, but it could be an opportunity to try! Submission open from January 9th 2016 at 1:00 AM to January 18th 2016 at 12:59 AM

Make a game inspired by Myst

in one week, at home, with the tools you want... Rules: [list] [*]Don't be mean [*]Don't submit existing games unless you finished them for the jam [/list] Time: [list] [*]1 week (Saturday 9th - Sunday 17th, January 2016) [/list] Join here: http://itch.io/jam/myst-jam


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  • Simon_ASA
    9 years ago
    I don't think it's a problem if you started it before. The rule says: "Don't submit existing games unless you finished them for the jam". So the way I understand it, the project can be started, but you must finish it during the Jam.
  • paedt
    9 years ago
    Now this is my kind of jam! I've been working on one of these for ages with VS, never seem to have the time to finish it. I may just use this week as an excuse to get it done -- I suppose that would technically disqualify me, seeing as I've already started it, but if I can just get it finished that's more than enough for me!
  • Simon_ASA
    9 years ago
    @Paupasia: It would be so great if you participate! Yes it needs time...
    I'm going to participate too and do a little something smile Maybe not with Visionaire however. I keep VS for my main projects! But I hope other people will use VS. There is a template somewhere to create 1st person adventure games on the site.
  • Paupasia
    9 years ago
    Sound interesting! Thank you so much for the info! Well ... we must find the time to do it Ahahah!

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