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Me and the Robot 2.0 - Now we're talking

Thanks to a bunch of wonderful voice actresses and actors we were able to release the fully voiced version 2.0 of "Me And The Robot". Playable in English and German.

Me and the Robot is a sci-fi point & click adventure game made within a fortnight for AdventureJam 2020. Includes spaceflight, a robot, and bugs. Lots of them.

Now that the Jam voting phase is over, we added a full voiceover, thanks to the contribution of:

To get a first impression of the English version, have a look at our trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObDeHB0l8FY

The game is still FREE

… and it's still a game by The Argonauts
Esmeralda, Einzelkämpfer, Kikimora, Anke, z10


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  • Einzelkämpfer
    4 years ago
    Thank you both. We are really happy with our voice actors and very thankful that they really did the whole game (there are so many lines, especially for Major Thompson).
  • lucille-riley
    4 years ago
    Enjoyable voice!
  • Nigec
    4 years ago
    well done guys!!

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