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Lydia is on Greenlight!

Our first adventure game, Lydia, is now at Steam Greenlight. The game tells a depressing tale about substance abuse from a perspective of a child. Lydia is a story-driven adventure game in the vein of To the Moon


We've just started our journey in Steam Greenlight with our debut title Lydia. The game is all about depressing atmosphere, which is carried out by distinctive audiovisual feel. The gameplay itself is rathrer straightforward: there are no puzzles and no inventory. It's all about atmosphere and story.

We're currently pretty much done with graphics and audio. There's still loads of stuff to do, but we're pretty confident, that the game will be released at Spring 2017. This is the debut title for Platonic Partnership, our three man strong indie game studio located at Finland.

The dude who wrote this is Juho Kuorikoski, a Finnish non-fiction author and a games journalist. I do the scripting with Visionsaire Studio and I'm the one who came up with the game concept and the idea for the story.

Our graphical genius is Henri Tervapuro, a comic book artist. He's responsible for the gloomy visuals and co-writing the script.

Music is done by Juhana Lehtiniemi, a very, very talented film composer. His musical style fits perfectly to the visuals and the depressing tone of the story.

In conclusion, all and every upvote is greatly appreciated. You can find our game here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=786070179

All the best,
Juho and the other dudes of Platonic Partnership


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  • muzijibip
    5 years ago
    This game is full of adventure and most of the talented students are like to play this game. I am know about this game from that site so then think to first read the reviews about this but reviews are too good.
  • marthawilson
    6 years ago
    Lydia shows that gaming as an art form can tackle difficult subjects like alcoholism and broken families. This game is very well made, and totally deserves the 1 to 2 hours it takes to complete it!
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  • bananeisafree
    7 years ago
    Good luck with the greenlight Friends !
  • korpse
    7 years ago
    Works for me just fine smile
  • Nigec
    7 years ago
    looks great, just so you know the link isn't working wink

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