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Kaptain Brawe - Video has been released

A video of the upcoming adventure game "Kaptain Brawe and the space crew" has been released. The game seems to be a mixture of pirate-style "Monkey Island" and the classic "Space Quest" games by sierra entertainment. You take control of 3 different characters and the game will take you to 4 different planets. It will be released on October the 1st. Have a look :)


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  • shawnkemp
    6 years ago
    There need aid a considerable measure from claiming beneficial assets here. I am certain i will visit this spot once more Concerning illustration quickly. I customized in your post; you have imparted useful insights Furthermore encounters. Keep it up.
  • ingumak
    14 years ago
    looks wonderful! I try to play it if it does not cost a lot.

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