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Halloween Contest - Join now and win great prizes!

Dear adventure friends,
The time has come ... You can now join in the big Halloween development competition for Visionaire Studio - and it is not only for glory and honor, but also win one of 5 great, sponsored prizes. Plese observe the rules ...


  • The game must have at least two accessible rooms, plus title screen.. You may also create a mini-game (such as a sliding puzzles,...).
  • The theme of the game is "Halloween" ... this subject must be in the game or the overall concept, at least to find hints,
  • In the game must be at a pumpkin
  • You may take an existing template (for example the Maniac Mansion Mania starter pack) to aid development
  • A development team may consist of any number of developers ... all the members of the community can also help other members
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  • The deadline for entries is October 31. All developers have more than 4 weeks for their game development. At the latest at 23:59 all games must be received at the following email address support@visionaire2d.net
  • After the deadline, we will consider all submissions thoroughly and make them available to the public ... coupled with a poll, so all players can vote for their favourite game
  • The poll runs for 14 days - then the poll results published and a winner will be declared
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    We are very grateful that "Daedalic" (http://www.daedalic.de) supports us as a sponsor of this contest. Accordingly, you can win the following:

    1st PRICE

    1 x A New Beginning - World Edition
    1 x Visionaire Studio T-shirt in black (L) with logo printed on of each team member (max of 3)

    2nd PRICE

    1 x stuffed toy of bunny Harvey (character of the game "Harveys New Eyes" )
    1 x Visionaire Studio T-shirt in black (L) with logo imprint

    3rd PRICE

    1 x Visionaire Studio T-shirt in black (L) with logo imprint


    As a point of contact for all questions, concerns and complaints please use the Visionaire forum. There you will certainly be helped if you should get stuck with your game development.

    We hope you have fun while developing your game and that you are very successful!
    The Visionaire Team


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    • Glenfx
      13 years ago
      It's a shame I dont have the time for this one.
    • spacepaw
      13 years ago
      Oh c'mon...Only 3 prizes and no licenses to win? That's not fair smile Anyways I can't wait to see the entries smile it's hard to make something interesting and nice looking in such a short time span smile

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