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Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel - Style is like a 1930s Cartoon

This games looks like an old-school Mickey - Mouse Cartoon but it is an adventure game with a fantastic art-style ;)

Look a this trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HHoCO... They are looking for support: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fleish-cherry-in-crazy-hotel What do you think about this "retro" game?


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  • sarah-khan
    5 years ago
    1 Jerry Mouse Jerry Mouse is an anecdotal character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's arrangement of Tom and Jerry dramatic cartoon short movies.
  • jackstone
    5 years ago
    Disney Channel has requested another short-frame arrangement of satire kid's shows, titled Mickey Mouse, that means to combine "classic comedy" with "contemporary flair."
  • afrlme
    11 years ago
    Doesn't look like this game is going to raise enough funds...
    40 hours (ish) left & only €6.5k of €29k raised thus far & it's fixed campaign which means it's all or nothing.

    I wonder if the campaign is failing due to a lack of interest, lack of proper advertising & campaigning on behalf of the Red Little House or if indiegogo is just a shitty crowdfunding platform!

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