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Elevator Mechanics [LUA]

This script is to demonstrate how to move animations & characters up or down using lua script within Visionaire Studio ...

Although I've included loads of various extras from animations to sound & music the basic idea behind the script is simple. we get the current elevator animation position (top left) then in a loop function we tell it to move up or down from current position by 1 square on each loop. we also have to do the same thing for the character. due to a bug in Visionaire Studio, we also have to move an object with the character animation linked to it ... the reason for this is because when we move the character to a new position the walk animation is reset & depending on the speed of the loop (defined by the act_ePause action) it can look like the character is high on whizz or inanimate. I designed the elevator & panel images inside of photoshop. the character is what comes with the VS demo game. music is some elevator music loop someone made to be downloaded & used royalty free.


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