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Eko Strange New World

Hi guys, SIN ARS STUDIOS has just released the demo of their new game Eko Strange New World.
Jump over to their website to download it! http://sinars-studios.com/eko.php

The game centres around the character of Eko, a mechanic, who is unexpectedly shot in to space while repairing a ship. Crash landing on a strange and unfamiliar planet, he must explore this unknown territory and solve a range of puzzles with the aim of repairing his ship and returning home.


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  • sintraceur
    13 years ago
    Ok guys the new version is up. we have taken all of your advice onboard and made heaps of improvments.
  • Subb
    13 years ago
    A short review from me as well. wink Graphic and music are very well done. The animations are simple but nice and sufficient. Technically I couldn't find any major problems. But there are some smaller things I'd like to mention:
    - you could reduce the letter and word spacing of the text a little bit, which would make it easier to read. It is possible to type in negative values in the corresponding field
    - If you open the inventory the character moves to the position you clicked.
    - I had to get used to the fact that it gives you a "look at" comment if you just click on an object. That interupts the game flow a little bit, especially if you already have the look command in the interface.
    - Sometimes Eko isn't moving if you click on the screen. The problem might be that you haven't defined and connected enough way points in your way systems.
    - After pressing escape the game is over and you can't continue. wink
  • Subb
    13 years ago
    Looks very promising. Nice style! smile
  • marvel
    13 years ago
    So, here comes my review to the demo game: Graphics and music is just great and well done. The introsequence of the game is very funny. smile

    But i would work on the some points of the game:
    1. The Rooms are way to huge and mostly "empty". I would add more items to dicover.
    2. When you want to look at something, eko does not walk to that point. He stays at the position he currently is... this is irritating.
    3. There are no sounds and no speech. I missed that.
    4. There is a screen that explains the game control - first i did not know how to move on from that point. wink
  • marvel
    13 years ago
    By the way: If you like you could add your demo (as an gratis offer) or the full price product in the new marketplace. smile
  • marvel
    13 years ago
    Great news. smile Im going to check it out. Looks cool...

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