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Catyph, new trailer

New video of Catyph: the Kunci Experiment, a "Myst in space" created with Visionaire.

Hi everyone! Discover the new trailer of Catyph, a Myst-like in space. Catyph is my second game created with Visionaire, and it is also the 2nd game of the Black Cube series (following ASA: A Space Adventure). Catyph will be available on Steam, on the Adventure Gamers Shop, and probably more. It will release for Windows only at the beginning of 2016, in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. About: You play as an astronaut from planet Terra who travelled to Tytaah, a moon of planet Catyph. Tytaah is known as an uninhabited and hostile moon, where life is not possible. However after landing, you discover strange buildings that shouldn’t be there. At the same time, you are contacted by your headquarters based on Terra: disturbing events are taking place on your home planet, and it would seem that they are related to your recent landing. You will have to unravel the mysteries of this world and discover what the Kunci is. Several challenging puzzles await for you, requiring to write notes on a paper until you find the logic behind each region. A facultative help menu (Esc. > Help me!) is available to progress more easily in the adventure, and make the game accessible to everyone. It allows to unlock a series of tips by spending Blue Matter points. But you’ll need to spend them wisely, because they will also be needed to solve the puzzles themselves! Catyph was created on my own with 3dsmax, After Effects and the Visionaire Studio engine (Deponia, Stasis), and the game is self-funded. Fore more info, you can visit the homepage of the game: www.catyph.fr


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  • carolina-emory
    6 years ago
    The Kunci Experiment Review. A novice exertion that neglects to gain from botches made in A Space Adventure.
  • Paupasia
    9 years ago
    Oh man! I've lost this! Great job, I love it!
  • Simon_ASA
    9 years ago

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