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BlackCube Jam

With The icehouse collective, I will host the BlackCube Jam in December inspired by my previous VS projects (ASA and Catyph). Come and create a scifi game in 6 days on Game Jolt! #blackcubejam2016

BlackCube Jam 2016
is a 6 days long game jam where game developers are challenged to make a space exploration game inspired by The Black Cube series. For its first year, BlackCube Jam will be taking place from December 12th to 18th (included) for a 6 days long period.

The challenge is to create a space exploration game following this rule:

"A different hero finds a different Cube, in a different world, at a different time."

It allows to create a wide variety of exploration games, from narrative walks to rpgs, including adventure point and clicks, experiments, visual novels and more.

I'd be really pleased if some VS users here decided to join this event and create something for the occasion. My own participation to the Jam will be created with Visionaire Studio, of course!

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  • Simon_ASA
    8 years ago
    @Nigec = no it doesn't have to be space. It has to be inspired by the Black Cube series, so there has to be scifi elements, but it can be anywhere on a planet or a moon, with any situation.
  • Simon_ASA
    8 years ago
    @AFRLme = thanks! Yes 6 days is short, but it's a game jam after all smile
  • afrlme
    8 years ago
    6 days? Though technically you are giving them additional days though no, as you have provided all the relevant information they need already & Jam doesn't start for a few weeks. Unfortunately as you know, I'm no artist, so I will not be participating, but I'll give it a shout out on VS twitter for you. Good luck with the Jam mate!

  • Nigec
    8 years ago
    it has to be space?

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