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BeetleQuest! The beetle adventure game!

Beetlequest! is an adventure\point & click game inspired by older games like King's Quest and Legends of Kyrandia. It is based on a children's books and fairytales, and for all ages! It is being created in Visionaire studio.

In BeetleQuest, the three beetle friends, Magnus, Boris and Dagmar are playing with their marbles, when Boris accidentially shoots his marble into a molehill!

The mole inside is very angry, and has a large bump on his head. He refuses to give back the marble, as this isn't the first time this has happened.
And only in exchange for a nice present will the mole give the marble back.

And so, their quest begins! To find a nice present for the little mole, and get back their precious marble!

Beetlequest is developed especially for younger players, and hopes to stimulate reading skills and text comprehension. Apart from English, it is also fully in Dutch.

The 0.4 demo of the game is now ready, and can be played from our website. Go to www.beetlequest.com and click on the 'play the demo' button!


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  • vickcondor
    4 years ago
    wow ..cool!
  • fabian-schurgers
    4 years ago
    Thanks for trying it out!

    And will do, I'm slowly getting the hang of it, I think! smile
  • Nigec
    4 years ago
    nice game!
    I tested on Linux/Chromium and it seemed to work ok
    Maybe look at waypoints so the character moves better to objects?

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