30.11.2020 | General | Einzelkämpfer

Welcome To The Funky Fair

Where else could you have a really good time if not at an old-fashioned funfair? But this one is different. Be careful which ride you take – you might end up where you didn't want to go. That being said: Welcome to the Funky Fair!

Welcome To The Funky Fair was created within a fortnight for the AdvXJam. The jam's theme was "A Good Time".

  • Languages: English, German
  • Playing time: 30-60 minutes
  • Download for Windows or play in your browser
  • It’s free! It’s fair! – Have fun!

A game by The Argonauts
Esmeralda, Kikimora, Anke, Einzelkämpfer


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  • pds
    A year ago
    really funny and short game, it take me engadget
  • tall-story-games
    A year ago
    I love this game! An amazing achievement in just two weeks.
  • Nigec
    A year ago
    really fun game, well done!
    I've not managed to get the prize yet

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