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Watch Over Christmas DEMO Release

Follow Cisco, a 12-year old boy, in a unique quest through one night, to save Xmas as we know it, in this classic style point 'n click adventure game.

Glad to announce the release of the demo for our upcoming adventure game Watch Over Christmas!

You can download versions for Win, Mac, Linux from our official game page:

or from itch.io:

Cisco, a twelve year old boy, is smart, witty and occasionally a little stubborn. This year on December 24th, the night before Christmas, a strange call comes through his radio urging for help. On his attempt to assist he stumbles upon a strange glow he must follow, only to find out that Santa has been abducted. Holidays are at stake and Cisco sets on a quest to save Christmas. Not an easy task since this adventure will lead him through numerous challenging puzzles.

Some features:
- Classic 2D point and click style.
- Unfold a unique story within one night, the night of Christmas.
- Fun and challenging puzzles.
- Beautiful Full HD hand-drawn graphics and animations.
- Lucasarts Scumm style Verb-driven Interface
- Sierra style Score System
- Numerous Achievements
- Extra Quest for 'The Lost Presents'
- Original soundtrack.
- Suitable for all ages as well as novice and experienced adventurers (Easy/Hard mode).
- Available on Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

The demo is made with Visionaire 5 and would be happy to hear your feedback and ofcourse discuss on the technical features of the game with anyone interested. Still needs polishing and the speech is not implemented yet.

Final release date of the game is not decided yet, TBA. 


10 Kommentare

  • marvel
    marvel A week ago
    Great work. It looks awsome!! smile
  • joneselena
    joneselena A week ago
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  • shadedplanet
    shadedplanet 2 weeks ago
    Great work, looks inviting :-)
  • jonwatts
    jonwatts 2 weeks ago
    Awesome artwork! Congrats!
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  • atrus
    atrus 2 weeks ago
    Thanks! Having a unique style is a must nowadays to stand a chance out there smile
  • Lebostein
    Lebostein 2 weeks ago
    Wow, very nice style!
  • atrus
    atrus 3 weeks ago
    glad you like it, thanks! **Update** Uploaded bugfix version1.0.1 to itch.io, see link above
  • redspark
    redspark 3 weeks ago
    Awesome looking artwork! I like the semi transparent interface over the scene. A very sleek look on a classic P&C design.
  • atrus
    atrus 3 weeks ago
    Thanks so much!! Visionaire helps us so much to make this real and shiny, keep up the good work!
  • marvel
    marvel 3 weeks ago
    Looks very beautiful. Congratulations!! smile

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