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Make a Platform game with Visionaire!

Explore Visionaire Studio's Ilios powerful language and start making a physics based game! Visionaire Ilios, Box2D & Visual Scripting Guide

Hi folks!

We are back with our latest guide on the new Visionaire Studio Ilios language and its Visual Scripting tool. 

Ilios is providing Visionaire with exciting new capabilities; with the help of the integrated Box2D engine you can now build many new type of games like for example platformers, which ofcourse which was not possible before. So yes, Visionaire is not only for making point and click adventure games smile

We have started adding basic info and we will continue adding more advanced features. It's a good start for someone that wants to experiment.

Join VS discord server for more discussions and information on Ilios/Box2D/Visual Scripting.

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  • gilbert-jimmie
    A year ago
    If you want to create a 2D point-and-click adventure game, bubble shooter one of your best options is the Visionaire engine.
  • TinTin
    A year ago
    Great works! Nice job. I really need it. I can't wait to complete this tutorial.

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