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Presentation Ceremony of the Adventure Game Competition by the Visionaire Studio Engine

Finally we've made it. After intensive and exhausting tests by 12 experts from the adventure game genre, the winners are selected.

First of all we have to say THANK YOU to all the supporters AND developers. You find all the ratings and results in the attached PDF file. Presentation Ceremony: 1) Fantasy Quest - 4,17 Points 2) Chaos in Cannibal Village - 3,97 Points 3) Magical Potions - 3,54 Points 4) Locked Out - 3,3 Points 5) HELP - 2,06 Points We uploaded all the games right here - so check it out, download and play these gems, if you like: http://www.cunics.de/Adventure-Game-Contest-2015.zip In the next days we will upload the editable Visionaire files for you as well. And of course the winners will get their prizes! This may take some time. THANK YOU ONCE MORE FOR THIS GREAT CONTEST AND THE AWESOME GAMES!


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  • leweini
    6 years ago
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  • Einzelkämpfer
    10 years ago
    I played Fantasy Quest yesterday, and I have to say that this is done very well. Congratulations to Andi. You have managed to use quite many of the Visionaire core features, so this game will make an excellent demo. Besides, the graphics are lovely, as well as the storyline, of course. Great job!

    I also enjoyed your video tutorials. Although I already know how to handle Visionaire, I watched them all – just for the fun of it. :-) Keep up the good work.
  • SDMono
    10 years ago
    Congrats to all of you guys!!! smile
  • Dilated
    10 years ago
    Congratulations guys grin!
  • andiliddell
    10 years ago
    Wow! Thanks so much, I had no idea just how detailed everyone's feedback and reviews would be. It's a HUGE honour to be announced as the winner, and really encouraging to see so many great one person teams keeping the indie adventure game genre alive!

    I'd like to thank all of the reviewers for giving their time, and hope they enjoyed playing all of our games as much as I enjoyed making mine. Visionaire really has given me the perfect tool to express my love of adventure games.

    Since the submission I've gone back to working on my feature length VS game Something Fowl afoot, which I'm hoping to release Act 1 later this year. keep an eye on !

    Thanks again, and congratulations to all entries!

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