18.06.2022 | General | Einzelkämpfer

Oh My God

Travel back to ancient Italy and help a forgotten Etruscian god regain its power.

You're a snack bar owner in ancient Italy. Business isn't going well, when unexpected help arrives. Sethlans, a forgotten Etruscan god, offers his help, should you manage to gather a small group of believers for him. Can you return Sethlans to glories of old and save your snack bar in return?

"Oh My God" is a point & click adventure game made within a fortnight for AdventureJam 2022. Created with Visionaire Studio 5.

  • Languages: English and German
  • Available as Windows download or playable in browser
  • Free

A game by The Argonauts
Esmeralda, Einzelkämpfer, Anke, z10
- creators of "Me and the Robot", "IMAGinE", and more...


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