18.01.2019 | General | Marvel

Oak Island - Fragments of Time

Another year has passed and before we start talking about the latest developments in our project, we wish you all a Happy New Year. We hope you had great Christmas days with your loved ones and sailed with happy courage and full sails into the new year 2019. Every new year is a new opportunity. Each year offers exciting events and fantastic experiences. Every year you learn something new. And yet the essence of time is also characterized by unpleasant events, transience and... death.

READ MORE HERE: https://goo.gl/zVq8nq


4 Kommentare

  • marvel
    A month ago
    Thanks guys!! smile
  • TinTin
    A month ago
    Fabulous!!!!. nice job!
  • AFRLme
    A month ago
    Hey Thomas, just so you know... if you make a tweet about it via your oakisland twitter, it should automatically pop up on our discord server. also if you include #MadeWithVisionaire (not case sensitive), then you'll get a like/retweet by the VS account too. Anyway, carry on carrying on developing. P.S: you should pop in the discord more often, to say: "hello". wink
  • sebastian
    A month ago
    nice to see some progress =)

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