05.05.2020 | Adventurenews | Einzelkämpfer

Me and the Robot

"Emergency Commander on an interstellar flight is the best job in the world," they said. "You'll never get called into action. You'll just sleep for 12 years.“ – Sounds great? Sure. Until there is an emergency. And then there is just you … and the robot.

Me and the Robot is a sci-fi point & click adventure game made within a fortnight for AdventureJam 2020. Includes spaceflight, a robot, and bugs. Lots of them.

  • hand-painted graphics
  • challenging puzzles
  • intriguing story
  • Languages: English, German
  • Playing time: shorter than desired, longer than expected
  • Free download

A game by The Argonauts
Esmeralda, Einzelkämpfer, Kikimora, Anke, z10


5 Kommentare

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  • Einzelkämpfer
    A month ago
    @afrlme: Not in the first place, but it fitted enexpectedly well. ;-)
  • afrlme
    A month ago
    I have a feeling that stopping the bug plague is a reference to Visionaire, considering the massive amount of bugs that have been reported since Simon dropped the 5.1 beta update.
  • sebastian
    A month ago
    nice atmosphere , just looking at the screenshots.

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