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A Whimsical and Colourful Journey Through the Miraculous and Rather Astonishing Paintings of Angelo, Artist Extraordinaire

Search for your missing girlfriend. Meet an eccentric artist. Get kidnapped to be whisked away onto a fullblown odyssey from the most exotic to the most mundane places you can imagine. In short: A day like any other.

IMAGinE is a point & click adventure game made within a fortnight for AdventureJam 2021. Created with Visionaire Studio 5.

  • Languages: English and German
  • Available as Windows download or playable in browser
  • Free

A game by The Argonauts
Esmeralda, Einzelkämpfer, Kikimora, Anke, z10
- creators of "Me and the Robot" and "Welcome to the Funky Fair"


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