30.05.2023 | Games | RolandW

"Spiritless Ltd." / "Geistfrei GmbH" available!

Go on a ghost hunt as a ghost chamber hunter in a world inhabited by monsters and experience a funny and weird story with witty puzzles.

Do you feel like going on a ghost hunt? Then play our point & click adventure "Geistfrei GmbH" / "Spiritless Ltd."!
After a lot of hard work, we have implemented it with the Visionaire engine for Windows and Mac and would like to proudly present it to you.

You can download it on Steam (Geistfrei GmbH / Spiritless Ltd.or buy it as a classic "boxed version" with various inserts from our website: www.geistfrei-gmbh.de / www.spiritless-ltd.com

If you want to test the game first, then download the demo version on Steam or from our website (the first of five chapters is completely playable).


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