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BeetleQuest 2 first demo ready!

The first demo for our upcoming game, BeetleQuest 2, is now ready!

Our new game, BeetleQuest 2, has it's first demo ready!

BeetleQuest 2 is a point & click adventure game about three beetlefriends who go on their second adventure.

Join Dagmar, Magnus and Boris on a quest to help the bumblebee postman. His letters and packages have come alive through a magic spell. The spell has gone wrong however, and all the letters and packages have run away.

Search for the letters and packages in forests and hills, near rustling rivers and even in a spooky castle. Solve puzzles on the way and meet with strange and friendly, or not so friendly, creatures.

So strap on your backpack and prepare your wits, and get ready for an adventure of epic beetleness!

BeetleQuest 2 is a point & click adventure game for younger players and those young at heart.
Made with Visionaire Studio!

The first demo is now available on Steam and Itch.io.


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  • livoxe
    2 years ago
  • livoxe
    2 years ago
    A very awesome blog post. We are really grateful for your blog post. You will find a lot of approaches after visiting your post.
  • fabian-schurgers
    2 years ago
    Many thanks for your comment!
  • vick-condor
    2 years ago
    cool! I bought beetle quest 1 for my nieces that want to learn English- we have another one coming so they will be happy.Thanks for your effort in helping kids read.

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