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BeetleQuest 2 coming soon!

The beetle adventure game BeetleQuest 2 is almost done.

Greetings and salutations!

Our beetle adventure game, BeetleQuest 2, is almost done!

Join the three beetlefriends on a great adventure to find a magic spell,
that is used by a mischievous little bat to bring things to life!

Visit forests and meadows, valleys and mountains, glaciers and
a mysterious bat castle!

Coming soon to Steam!


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  • nadia-eira
    A week ago
    Great to hear that. I will invite my friends to play it cookie clicker 2 together.
  • funkoo
    A month ago
    BeetleQuest 2 seems like it's going to be another hit! The idea of helping a bumblebee postman with runaway letters and packages sounds both adorable and entertaining. Eager to explore the new environments and meet the quirky characters.

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