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AFRLme: Patreon & Freelance game dev service

A'llo all, I setup a Patreon account quite a while ago & somewhat neglected to promote it. Hey, we're all human aren't we!? Well, possibly...

In case you are wondering what this post is about, then wonder no more; I'm just being a cheeky bugger & eBegging for your hard earned pennies, paper & sexy négligée - not joking on the latter. Anyway, if any of you would like to check out my Patreon & consider supporting me for the support I provide on here, besides running the wiki, the twitter account, the steam group & the discord server, then that would be much appreciated. $1 is fine, more is better, but if you're feeling a wee bit stingy then at least consider sharing the word about my patreon account &/or my freelance game development services.

https://de.tail.studio | https://www.patreon.com/AFRLme


P.S: I also offer freelance game development services. Feel free to check out my portflio via the de.tail link (above).


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  • atrus
    atrus A month ago
    Yeah, my compliments also for your job so far on VS; well, i know you cannot eat compliments to live, so i will also look into this patreon thing soon and try to support
  • AFRLme
    AFRLme A month ago
    Cheers shico. I actually set the page up last year I think, but never advertised it at all. I recently revised it, changed the goal & rewards section & the text content to reflect the changes.
  • shico
    shico A month ago
    Hi there Lee,

    Thanks a lot for your support so far.
    I never posted anything on here yet so you don't know me but I have been using Visionaire Studio for some time to make my first point and click adventure game. Your posts (and posts of other team members of course) helped me a lot when I got stuck. So thought this is a good opportunity for a "Thank you" post. Will try to support however I can.

    Thanks again and best of luck with your Patreon page.


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