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Adventure Jam 2017

The Adventure Game Jam 2017 is coming for its 3rd year! Will you participate?

Create an Adventure Game in Two Weeks!

AdventureJam returns for its third year of game development pandemonium as anyone with a computer, an idea, and an internet connection is invited to create an adventure game over the course of 14 days!

Whether you love point & click adventure, text adventure or exploring 3D environments, we want you to jump in and create a game that embodies the spirit of adventure, whatever that means for you! Adventure games have been around nearly as long as computers, and what began with words on a black screen has evolved into an amazing spectrum of gaming experiences. Let’s celebrate the awesome legacy this genre has created with 14 days of pixels, puzzles, parody and pathos!

AdventureJam will begin May 5th at 9:00 PM EST, and end precisely 14 days later on May 19th 9:00 PM EST. The voting process will follow immediately after the jam concludes, and will last until June 16th at 9:00 PM EST.

So GET LAMP… GET SWORD… and GET READY… for AdventureJam!

More info in the official website:


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  • sam-merrill
    6 years ago
    thanks for all these updates..i've been following you for quite some time already and all your news do help me a lot with my projects at .. again thanks for the share
  • anna-arnold
    7 years ago
    Oh I'd love to accept the challenge but I've got enough game projects at the same time roll
  • Simon_ASA
    7 years ago
    It was the banner of the game jam on GameJolt. I didn't really have the time to create a picture on purpose... But issue has been fixed, I replaced it with a screenshot of the homepage.
  • afrlme
    7 years ago
    I don't think he has one. Maybe zoom adventure jam page out until can see summary of the competition & take a screenshot of that. Should make the image big enough.
  • marvel
    7 years ago
    Could you please add a different, taller news image? smile
  • Simon_ASA
    7 years ago
    Oh yes, I just realized that you're the dev of Paradigm. Don't judge me too hard ^^
  • Dilated
    7 years ago
    I'll be one of the judges grin
  • Simon_ASA
    7 years ago
    Forgot to add that I will participate of course smile I am registered as Simon Says Play.

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