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Oak Island - A puzzle of a million pieces

Dear friends, we know that you are eager and some of you have already asked for another update. But you know how it is - creating a game is always a puzzle of a million pieces; especially when you create a point and click adventure game. We just released a brand new update!

Please read our latest Update right here >> https://goo.gl/1dqMhi


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  • afrlme
    7 years ago
    Sure mate, no problem. Aye I know the menu stuff is complicated. It seems to be the thing most people hire me to sort out. wink
  • marvel
    7 years ago
    Thanks guys. smile

    @Lee: Yes, Simon helped me to fix the menu. It was complicated ^^ I will come back to you with some minigame requests / offers later wink
  • sommer1993
    7 years ago
    schaut gut aus, für mein geschmack wenig dunkel, aber sonst Top
  • Lebostein
    7 years ago
    Wow! Very atmospheric location.
  • dionous
    7 years ago
    great job there!
  • afrlme
    7 years ago
    The artwork is looking really nice Thomas. Did you manage to sort out the menu stuff ok?
  • sebastian
    7 years ago
    whoooo~ Updates =)

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