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A new year has come...

Dear members of the adventure game engine "visionaire studio".
Thank you so much for all the effort, passion and spirit in the last months. With your help visionaire has grown to much better game engine. More and more professional and amateur games are in development or already finished" - like "A New Beginning", "A Whispered World", "STASIS", "Deponia", "Losers - Los perdedores" and much more international productions.

We are sure that "visionaire studio" has a great future: 3D support for persons (2.5D Games) is already beeing tested, the macintosh support is nearly finished, the community website is growing - and we are on a good way to support android and iphone.

We wish you - and your adventure game projects - all the best for 2011.

The Visionaire Team


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  • XCalPro
    14 years ago
    I am glad the team has decided to include 3D support. This will set Visionaire ahead of the other similar Adventure Game development tools. I really like VS and how easy and organized it is. Thank you for a great product.
  • marvel
    14 years ago
    Sure, we will smile Thanks...
  • Nigec
    14 years ago
    cool, looking forward to the 3D character support. if you need a tester feel free to ask wink
  • Pyke
    14 years ago
    Looking forward to the advances in Visionaire! And to a really good 2011!

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