Zestre - Escape Room type, now in Beta

  • #1, by tudor-stamateFriday, 06. September, 06:14 A week ago
    Hi guys!

    My partner and I started developing a series of games in the Escape Room genre using Visionaire Studio and thought we'd release the first episode in Beta so we could gather some feedback before commiting to develop the rest.

    The Beta is up on itch.io here and can be downloaded for MacOS and Windows.

    Or you can watch a complete walkthrough here:

    The game takes about 30-40 minutes to complete and it would help us immensely if you'd take the time to give us some feedback.

    We're also intending to release the minigame scripts to the community once I get to clean them up and fix more bugs.

    Thank you and hope you'll enjoy it!


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  • #2, by AFRLmeFriday, 06. September, 15:47 A week ago
    Looks nice. Kind of minimal, but it works. Like the little dust particles & stuff you've added to make it feel a bit more alive. The ambient sounds are indeed very creepy/unnerving, but I don't understand why it's supposed to be creepy as it seems that the only creepy thing to happen is at the end & the color scheme of the game doesn't really scream creepy/horror to me. I think if you desaturated everything so that only a little bit of color shows through & then overlay some kind of dynamic grime filter/overlay (vignette) that gets weaker the closer to the center of the screen it gets that it would make the aesthetics of the game match the unnerving atmosphere you have created with the sounds.

    Quick note: only skimmed through the video you posted. Overall, would like to say well done. wink

    Also cheers in advance, if you still plan on sharing code/templates, as that sort of stuff is always welcome by others VS users.


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  • #3, by NigecWednesday, 11. September, 14:20 6 days ago
    There's a few typo's here and there, also you can get the yarn more than once from the spnning wheel, sesaw should just be "saw"
    There's another typo but I forgotten what it is!
    really nice game though, I like the style smile

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