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  • #1, by francisSaturday, 01. August 2020, 03:39 3 years ago
    I'm looking to test a build on an iOS simulator.
    I'm running Visionairre Studio 5.1.2 (on Windows).
    I exported the iOS target build and tried to run it with Xcode 8.2 on MacOS 10.11.6,
    but received an icompatible project versions error.

    Are there minimum requirements for versions?



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  • #2, by SimonSSaturday, 01. August 2020, 08:07 3 years ago
    Hey, rule of thumb, don't try building iOS with something else than the newest Xcode, mostly it doesn't work and devices don't take the application. Also there is no chance to run it on the simulator because it's not built for x86.

    I don't know if there's a newer version for your system. I had to update to 10.15 to continue using it.

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