Which program is more capable of making such graphics?..

  • #1, by ArtchieMMonday, 18. August 2014, 23:36 10 years ago
    I have browsed lots of cartoon drawing applications which however did not give me much info of their graphic ability, and the one that I am looking for is a kind of SketchUp tool which is similar to its sketching style, but at the same time is not that modern! - I don’t know if it’s actually funny to say so, but to me, according to some videos demonstrations on Youtube, I am really in doubt that this very demanding 3D application tool is actually capable to produce such an old school drawings I provided in the link below:

    So please have a look and live some comments!



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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 19. August 2014, 00:11 10 years ago
    The first & second screenshot looks like something that might have been made with blender. I think most 3D tools/apps have various cartoon effects & plugins available for them.


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  • #3, by ArtchieMTuesday, 19. August 2014, 00:38 10 years ago
    If blender can produce this graphic then I am more then satisfied, I also hope I can make such backgrounds from scratch as well!


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  • #4, by Marian77Tuesday, 19. August 2014, 09:23 10 years ago
    Actually I don't think these graphics were made with 3D software. At least not entirely. I think some of the details were probably made in 3D and then they were arranged with 2D software. Looks like spline shapes filled with some kind of gradient and then lined with copies of spheres etc.

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  • #5, by SimonSTuesday, 19. August 2014, 10:40 10 years ago
    Second that, does not look 3D correct, more like 2D with some shading.

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  • #6, by brut69Tuesday, 19. August 2014, 14:10 10 years ago
    The characters are made from Poser (3D Software) and are easily recognizable. The males are Michael3 (M3) which is really old , and the female is Aiko2 (A2) which is..really really old.

    The backgrounds are made with an entirely different program such as SketchUp

    * I just noticed that the game was made in 2001 which explains why the old characters.

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  • #7, by NigecTuesday, 19. August 2014, 14:32 10 years ago
    Yes I would say poser based on the characters and the wooden poses, lack of shadows on the ground etc

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