Where is the lua output panel?

  • #1, by pietro-eccherSaturday, 09. November 2019, 13:04 4 years ago
    Hi, if I print something from a lua script it should appear somewhere.. the question is: where? How to open the lua output screen? smile

    Thank you 


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 09. November 2019, 17:33 4 years ago
    Press TAB on your keyboard to open up the developer console. You can access the log via that. Also if you hover over one of the play buttons next to the search bar at the top of the editor you will find an option "go to messages.log", if you click that it will open up the folder where the log & save game files for your project are being saved to.

    Also if you have a multiple monitor setup, I would look into snaketail, it's a free app that allows you to link multiple text/log files to it at the same time & it auto refreshes whenever changes are made to the linked files so you will be able to see the log in real time while you play/test your project.

    Finally, open up the options for the VS editor, browse to the last tab & make sure that log level is set to "info", as that option will post a lot more things to the log than the default option.


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