WaySystemBorders, WayPoints - Limits?

  • #1, by LebosteinFriday, 03. July 2015, 14:32 9 years ago
    Should we keep an eye on the number of waypoints/wayborders? Could it be a problem for the performance if we use hundreds of path points in a scene? Or is this not critical? I use very closely path points to describe the silhouette of the landscape in my silhouette game. And I use tight borders (also with closely points) around the paths to keep the character on the road (see the image detail). In some scenes I use over 100 path points (and 200 border points).

    PS: I remember: 15 years ago I wrote my own engine with a path finding based on a connection matrix algorithm. The calculation time increased quadratically with the number of waypoints: 10 points = 100 calculation steps, 100 points = 10000 steps... This was the bottleneck of my old engine ...

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