Walking speed working different right-left

  • #1, by topineWednesday, 08. October 2014, 07:04 7 years ago
    Hello everyone.

    I'm having problems to setup my walking speed.
    If I put any number, like the exagerated 1000 in the "Walking speed" box inside the Outfit properties, it seems to work only when the character goes left. If I click to the right, looks like the walking speed is the default 350.

    The animation is the same for both directions, just inverted, and the timing (pauses) are also the same.

    I'm doing something wrong?
    Thank you so much and sorry about my poor english!


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  • #2, by AlexWednesday, 08. October 2014, 16:25 7 years ago
    The walk speed is now also stored within the animation to allow more realistic movements. Go to the animation and select the rightmost icon (set character movement for walk animation). Then click on the icon to the right (initialize character movement based on character speed of outfit) below the zoom buttons. Then the walk animation will use the walking speed set in the outfit.

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  • #3, by topineWednesday, 08. October 2014, 18:01 7 years ago
    Oh, It worked! Thank you, Alex!


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