Walking speed vs character size

  • #1, by yabukijoeSunday, 04. October, 23:24 2 weeks ago
    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding character size and how it relates to its speed. So I have a scene in which I have to resize the character down significantly, but once I do so, his speed also reduces significantly and becomes extremely slow when walking. I am rather new to the framework, so I would like to ask: is there a way to size a character down for a scene, while keeping the speed intact?

    Thank you in advance!


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  • #2, by sven-langeTuesday, 06. October, 12:11 2 weeks ago
    I haven't tried this myself yet, but maybe it is possible to switch to a new "outfit" for your character that has a higher walking speed value?

    Another Idea is that there is an "action" called "change character speed" maybe this can be useful to solve your problem.

    In both cases i think you need some kind of trigger to change an outfit or use an action.


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  • #3, by SimonSWednesday, 07. October, 19:53 2 weeks ago
    You would need to increase the character speed then. Look for change character speed.

    The character speed is multiplied with it's size, which probably makes sense.

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  • #4, by yabukijoeWednesday, 07. October, 21:53 2 weeks ago
    Thank you very much! I had tried the changing costumes approach, but maybe I'll change the speed instead.


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