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  • #1, by petertermanhansenWednesday, 29. September, 23:16 3 weeks ago

    I have an issue about my character walking through objects.

    I have placed the object-center right below my object. So the character walks in front and behind the object proberbly. But the character is walking right through the object when he moves forward or back. I know there is somthing with way-points. 

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  • #2, by esmeraldaThursday, 30. September, 08:54 3 weeks ago
    Yes, you need to adapt the waysystem. Click on the "wayborders" entry and draw a "hole" into your exitsting wayborders where the character shall not be able to walk. 
    You can do this by pressing Alt when clicking into the existing borders or you can draw a form outside the borders and drag the points where you need them to be.
    Adjust the waypoints so the character can find its way around the obstacle.

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  • #3, by petertermanhansenThursday, 30. September, 15:17 3 weeks ago
    thanks - I will test it out.


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